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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Katedra Studiów Europejskich

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The Chair of European Studies was established on 1st September 2012 on the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Wroclaw. The unit leads an European Studies at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as full-time and part-time studies. The Chair runs MA studies in English and postgraduate courses: Management in Social Economy Entities and European Economic Security.

We maintain research and teaching contacts with universities in Europe: Free University of Brussels, University of London and Universities in Cluj, Liege and Siegen and cooperate with 27 Universities from various European and non-European countries on the basis of Erasmus+’ Bilateral Agreements. We develop cooperation with the European Parliament, the “Sejm” committees (the lower house of the Polish parliament), regional and local authorities and NGOs located in Lower Silesia province.

Our students attend in a large number of programmes which allow them to travel all over the world. By organising local trips, we give the opportunity to the Erasmus+’ students to explore the Lower Silesia region.


Our students in Israel

Research and Teaching Academic Staff of the Chair is combined of a specialists in the field of political science, international relations, law, economics, history and psychology, using management science, security, media, communication, sociology, philosophy, cultural and religious studies.

Our academics focuses on the knowledge of the Europe in the area of cultural civilization (the European Studies in the broad sense) and politico-economic and the study of the European Union and its areas of activity (the European Studies in the strict sense). The Chair’s staff approaches to these studies in an interdisciplinary approach, and at the same time attempts to synthesize the cognitive structures of different disciplines.
We increase scientific achievements in the fields of European economic and political thought, political systems and party systems in Europe, democratic theory, the theory of federalism, political culture, political and economic integration of the European Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and Poland, agricultural policy, etc. Our academics are specialists in inacquisition of European funds, for organization and management of NGOs; for animate local development, including cultural development.


Academic Staff of the Chair of European Studies at the International Conference "Central Europe as a geopolitical entity

The mission of the Chair of European Studies is to develop the capacity and energy of students, to realize their interests, which may be used in their professional and private life, so that graduates of European Studies can easily find a job.

Graduates of the Chair of European Studies, through interdisciplinary education, are prepared to multidimensional perception of the processes that taking place in Europe and its international environment and to the challenges of social life, economic and political life of the European Union.
Graduates of the Chair of European Studies can pursue careers in: in the public sector: local, national and EU bodies; offices of local and regional government, international employment agency, in diplomacy; consulting firms, banking and IT companies.