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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Katedra Studiów Europejskich

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Courses offered by the Chair of European Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences 
University of Wroclaw

Winter semester 2022/2023

  Teacher’s name and e-mail address Course title Number of hours Type ECTS  

dr Jakub Bornio 


Geopolitics of Europe

Mondays 11:30 AM, room 113
the building of the Institute of Political Science

30 discussion session 5  

MA Eirini Aivaliotou, 


Diasporic groups in the EU and identity formation 30 classwork 5  


 Prof. Beata Ociepka


Public and Cultural Diplomacy  30 classwork 5  

 PhD Berenika Dyczek


 Social cultural and legal dimensions of cybersecurity in EU 30 classwork 5  

PhD Eli Orner Kramer


European Diplomacy: The Philosophy and Modern European Statecraft  (ONLINE) 30 classwork 5  

Courses Enrolment

  1. Am I still able to join? Our offer remains open until the second week of the winter semester. Please, remember that you can still modify your Learning Agreement.
  2. How to enroll? Our Department does not have any specific enrolment IT system. If you are interested in a specific course, you should contact the teacher who conducts it. We recommend to write an introductory e-mail and come to the first classes. Then, the teacher writes down your name and share it with the administration office. They assign you to the course in the USOS system. Simple as iis. Iis always wise to come to the first classes just to meet the professor, check the programme and the passing requirements. Remember to use e-mail address in the uwr.edu.pl domain while contacting professors.
  3. Who do we accept? Each course has approximately 20 free slots for the Erasmus+ students. It does not matter whether you are doing your Erasmus+ under the umbrella of the bilateral agreements signed by our Department or another one. We accept all students from the University of Wrocław. All the courses we conduct are part of the MA in European Studies programme. Nevertheless, we accept both BA and MA students.
  4. Iit obligatory? Please remember that this is just an offer, not an obligation.
  5. Remember to check your email boxes regularly. Outlook is available on Android and IOS.

Looking forward to see some of you at our courses!