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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Katedra Studiów Europejskich

Strona główna > Students > Erasmus Plus

The Chair of European Studies of the University of Wrocław kindly invites you to study under the Erasmus+ umbrella in our Department. We host plenty of incoming students each year. Need more details? Visit the website of the International Office and follow the recruitment process.

We also encourage our full-time students to do their Erasmus+ abroad! Especially for you, we have established a "mobility slot" during the third semester of MA studies. Find out more in the attached documents.

If any questions appeared do not hesitate to contact our Erasmus+ coordinator:

Jakub Bornio, Ph.D. 

E-mail: jakub.bornio@uwr.edu.pl 


The Chair of European Studies also offers a full-time MA programme in European Studies. Explore the website and find out more.